Independent – Cost-efficient – Experienced

Binding values of QTC team members.


The Alliance Partners are basically suppliers independent and product-neutral. You can be sure that we are acting exclusively in your interest and do not receive any commission or other payment from the suppliers.

Cost effective

Just because you have special entitlements, you don’t necessarily have to pay inflated consulting fees. Our prices are fair and absolutely competitive by comparison. Flexible different fee models are possible.


All QTC team members have been active as well-known specialists in the telecommunications market for more than 20 years and are classified by the representative telecommunications companies on the market as reputable and professional negotiating partners.

QTC team members have committed themselves to a particularly high quality. Ask for work samples.


Our most important values are neutrality and independence. This ensures a high level of safety and quality for you and your company. We pursue with you the goal of focusing on the best solution and an excellent price/performance ratio.


Thanks to our decades of experience and expertise, you as our customer not only benefit in the area of costs, but we guarantee you not only transparency, decision acceleration, as well as investment security. In addition, you benefit from our high industry knowledge, which we have achieved through our large number of medium-sized and large-scale projects.


We work with passion and this is a positive part of the outcome of your project.


Open communication strategy – Transparent project portal – Processes according to “best practice” – Proven templates & templates, in short, the high standardization of our processes and clear and clean communication ensure a fast and efficient project process.


Our employees are regularly trained on the latest technologies and solutions. In addition, we receive first-hand expert knowledge directly from the suppliers. This allows you to be sure that you always receive the most up-to-date information.

Holistic consulting services/topics

We deal holistically with the communication topics in your house. We show the causal effects of the individual trades (mobile, landline, WAN, TK / UC, security) on.


We help you to standardize your communication beyond the borders and advise you as a complete company, also for your presence outside the German-speaking market.

Network of experts

Nobody can do everything – access to a competent, reliable network of experts is essential to be able to handle complex projects from a single source. We have a large network from which you can benefit in a collaboration.

Geprüft & Vertrauenswürdig

Wir vertreten ausschließlich Ihre Interessen. Zudem haben wir auch das Vertrauen der Netzbetreiber und zählen zu den „Trusted Consultants“ bei allen führenden Anbietern..


Die Alliance Partner arbeiten grundsätzlich hersteller- und produktneutral. Sie können sicher sein, dass wir ausschließlich in Ihrem Interesse handeln und keinerlei Provision oder sonstige Bezahlung der Lieferanten beziehen.

Sind Sie unser Vertragspartner, sichern wir Ihnen dazu, dass ausschließlich Sie als Kunde uns für die beauftragte Dienstleistung vergüten. Eine zusätzliche Zahlung Dritter ist ausgeschlossen.